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Christians believe that there is only one God, the Father.


Jesus is recognized as the Son of God who was sent to save mankind from sin and death.
His teachings can be summarized in the love of God and love of one’s neighbor.

Justification by faith

Christians believe in justification by faith – that through their belief in Jesus as the Son of God, and in his death and resurrection, they can have a right relationship with God whose forgiveness was made once and for all through the death of Jesus Christ.

The Trinity

Christians believe that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Some confuse this and think that Christians believe in three separate gods, which they don’t. Christians believe that God took human form as Jesus Christ and that God is present today through the work of the Holy Spirit and evident in the actions of believers.

Life after death

Christians believe that there is a life after earthly death. While the actual nature of this life is not known, Christians believe that many spiritual experiences in this life help to give them some idea of what eternal life will be like.
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